Our values



Our purpose is to develop new talent and shape inspiring brands, sharing knowledge and expertise from years of experience in the luxury spa and wellness industry. We work with stylish, influential brands that are at the forefront of the industry acting as an ambassador for authentic, clean, and conscious beauty products without all the marketing fuss.


Self-development and personal growth are a culture that we foster in all our trainings. Like advocates and experts in our trade, we encourage talent to step outside their comfort zone and bring the best to their work. As passionate professionals, we teach a methodology sharing a ‘savoir faire’ knowledge equipping you with the structure and tools that evolve your progress and give you the confidence to deliver exceptional experiences to your guests.


Creating a memorable treatment is more than just ambiance, comfort, and beautiful products, it focuses on creating a human connection to your guest through the physical body, the emotional mind, and spiritual self. Graciously and intuitively we craft creative, unique, and inspiring treatments that combine techniques and special touches that deliver holistic wellbeing.


We believe that luxury experiences don’t have to be complicated and the future consumer trends are confirming this. We work with people and brands who represent genuine and sustainable ethical values and leave a positive impact on the future of tomorrow. Our clients are reliable and show up with transparency, they value quality ingredients and experiences and are leaders in the spa and wellness industry.


We are Spa artisans with creativity in our spirit, we craft imaginative, bespoke encounters that boast details at heart. Using the power of creativity we open the doors to self-discovery showing up authentically and passionately creating transformative wellness experiences for our clients.


Our expertise understands what a luxury lifestyle experience demands. We offer a highly personalized set of skills that graciously unites trusted quality brands with discreet bespoke flares that are thoughtfully curated leaving lasting impressions.

As ambassadors for authentic, clean beauty we passionately deliver holistic wellbeing in luxury spas around the world.


Maison SOLAL


1 rue du Château
83440 Fayence

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