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Deep tissue massage Cannes

The products selected for your treatments are in harmony with Maison SOLAL’s philosophy.

It’s a story of encounters and shared values with our partners. We cherish organic products that combine expertise, ethics, and a return to the essence of nature: the raw material, the virtue of the pure ingredient, its effectiveness.

The common thread among these brands is respect for nature in its entirety.

Alaena embodies French authenticity by combining naturalness and effectiveness. All products are created by a dermatologist and certified by Ecocert. Each ingredient in the range is meticulously chosen for its recognized benefits and its affinity with the skin. Maison SOLAL uses the expert products from the range in its treatments.

Website : https://www.alaena-cosmetique.com/fr/

QuintEssence is a local brand, nestled in the mountainous plateaus of Mons, village in the French south-east region. Julie Moulin, the creator, is committed to contributing to the beauty of the world with utmost humility. Some of her products come from wild harvesting, and the oils used for massages are obtained through the process of solar maceration, without essential oils or other allergenic materials. Maison SOLAL offers Quintessence massage oils to provide physical and energetic well-being.

Website : https://www.julie-fleursdevie.com

Trésors d’une herboriste is a brand from Morbihan, region in the French North-west area called Bretagne. The brand is driven by a desire to care. Caring for humans by offering living and high-quality products, caring for the earth through an engaged plant cultivation method. In the garden as well as during processing, Trésors d’une herboriste ensures to infuse consciousness into each of their actions with the intention of abundance and love. Beauty is intimately linked to the vitality and well-being of the body and mind, and medicinal plants have a powerful potential to share with us to help us find balance.

Maison SOLAL uses this range to balance both physical and emotional ailments.

Website : https://tresorsduneherboriste.com

Deep tissue massage Cannes


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