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I felt guided by an angel as the name ‘SOLAL’ was whispered in my ear. Intrigued, I discovered the meaning of this masculine name: ‘he who guides, he who paves the way.’ On December 4th, the birthday of my mother, is celebrated as SOLAL Day in the country of origin of this name. These synchronicities were sufficient signs for me to adopt this message and place it at the top of my wellness house.

I consider myself a craftsman of well-being, adapting my services to your individual needs to offer you an exceptional spa experience. At the heart of Maison SOLAL, my passion for my profession comes to life. From Provence to Bora Bora, through the United States, Russia, and even the Middle East, I share with you my vast professional and human experience.

The treatment menu I offer is centered on the essentials, providing fully customized face and body treatments. Each of us is unique, which is why my vision of beauty favors an approach that is both alternative and ethical, focused more on therapeutic than aesthetic.

My goal is to offer you quality time, to share with you my expertise, and to listen to you sincerely. Treat yourself to a moment in my expert hands. I welcome you to a place where the key words are relaxation, letting go, and exchange.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon,


« It is through doing good that well-being is created. »

Home massage Saint Tropez


584, Chemin des Collés 83440 St-Paul-en-Forêt


584, Chemin des Collés 83440
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